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This course introduces the student to the phases of testing and validation in a data warehouse or other decision support systems project.  Students will learn the role of the testing process as part of a software development project, see how business requirements become the foundation for testing cases and test plans, develop a testing strategy develop audience profiles and learn about how to develop and execute effective tests, all as part of a data warehouse / decision support initiative.  Students will be able to apply the data warehouse concepts in a series of related exercises that enable them to create and refine the various artifacts of testing for their data warehouse programs.

What Makes This Certified Course Unique
This ICCP-certified course provides participants with practical, in-depth understanding of how to create accurate data models for complex Business Intelligence solutions. Hands-on workshops throughout the course will reinforce the learning experience and provide the attendees with concrete results that can be utilized in their organizations.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Review the fundamental concepts of data warehousing and its place in an information management environment
Learn about the role of the testing process as part of software development and as part of data warehouse development
Learn about test strategies, test plans and test cases – what they are and how to develop them, specifically for data warehouses and decision support systems
Create effective test cases and scenarios based on business and user requirements for the data warehouse
Plan and coordinate usability testing for data warehousing
Conduct reviews and inspections for validation and verification
Participate in the change management process and document relevant changes to decision support requirements

Experience as a test analyst, business analyst or experience in the testing process

Testing analysts, business analysts, project managers, business staff members who will participate in the testing function; data warehouse architects, data analysts
Course Topics:
Understanding Business Intelligence

Analyze the current state of the data warehousing industry
Data warehousing fundamentals
Operational data store (ODS) concepts
Data mart fundamentals
Defining meta data and its critical role in data warehousing and testing
Key Principles in Testing

Testing concepts
Overview of the testing and quality assurance phases
Project Management Overview

Basic project management concepts
Project management in software development and data warehousing
Testing and quality assurance as part of software project management
Requirements Definition for Data Warehouses

Requirements management workflow
Characteristics of good requirements for decision support systems
Requirements-based testing concepts and techniques
Audiences in Testing

Audiences and their profiles
User profiles
Customer profiles
Functional profiles
Testing strategies by audience
Test management overview
Risk Analysis and Testing

Risk analysis overview for testing
Test Methods and Testing Levels

Static vs. dynamic tests
Black, grey and white box testing
Prioritizing testing activities
Testing from unit to user acceptance
Test Plans and Procedures

Writing and managing test plans and procedures
Test plan structure and test design specifications
Test Cases Overview

Test case components
Designing test scenarios for data warehouse usage
Creating and executing test cases from scenarios
Validation and Verification

Validating customer needs for decision support
Tools and techniques for validation, verification and assessment
Acceptance Testing for Data Warehouses

Ways to capture informal and formal user issues and concerns
Test readiness review
Iterative testing for data warehouse projects
Reviews and Walk-throughs

Reviews versus walkthroughs
Inspections in testing and quality assurance
Testing Traceability

Linking tests to requirements with a traceability matrix
Change management in decision support systems and testing
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Test Execution and Documentation

Managing the testing and quality assurance process
Documentation for the testing process
Summary, advanced exercises, resources for further study



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